Dumi Music Story


Main difference with other Music Story games: Number of pucks and musical symboles, instructions of use


This game is a fun musical theory method, born of a real necessity in the context of musical education.

Children themselves manipulate notes and rhythms, they are the masters of their learning. Each game in this manual has been tested since 2001 with children during Valerie Sabbah's musical development classes.

This music game is recommended for musical awakening sessions and can be a complement in places providing a musical activity (music schools, leisure centres, nursery schools...)

Up to 8 participants.



The bag include a solfeggio mat (180 x 60 cm) , 15 pucks ( Possibility to learn notes in treble clef and bass clef), 20 "pulse" sticks, 17 rhythmic symbols, instructions for use with 20 games independent of each other, 1 dice

VIDEO 1: For whom, for what, how?

VIDEO 2: Presentation of some games