Music Story Game


Chaque tapis de solfège est fourni avec:

20 bâtonnets "pulsations", 10 palets "notes, 11 symboles musicaux ( 1 ronde, 2 blanches, 2 noires, 2 croches, 1 x 2 croches attachées, 2 soupirs, 1 pause/demie-pause),  1 dé à chiffre pour vous permettre de créer de petits jeux, et un mode d'emploi 9 jeux indépendants les uns des autres.

Tapis de solfège Music Story

Choose from the Music Story educational music theory mats available, depending on the instrument taught.




Main difference with the other games in the Music Story range: The key to work on is printed


(Treble clef, treble clef, treble clef, treble clef 1, 2, 3 and 4, treble clef and treble clef together)


Each solfeggio mat is supplied with it:

20 "pulse" sticks, 10 "note pads", 11 musical symbols ( 1 round, 2 white, 2 black, 2 eighth notes, 1 x 2 eighth notes attached, 2 sighs, 1 pause/half pause), and 1 numbered dice to allow you to create small games.


Dimensions of the carpets a key: 180 cm x 60 cm

Dimensions of the key carpet of the floor key in F: 180 cm x 105 cm

Dimensions of the carpet floor key and bass clef + piano: 180 cm x 135 cm

Dimensions of the eco carpet (floor clef and bass clef + piano): 172 cm x 80 (printed on "poster paper")

The little Christmas extra: 

Personalize your carpet by indicating your text when ordering

VIDEO 1Pour qui, pour quoi, comment ?

VIDEO 2 : Présentation de quelques jeux

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