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30 Games ans musical activities


To equip yourself at a very low price and at your own pace, you have access to 36 games and musical activities to download and print, for your music and musical awakening lessons, from 3 years old. (sending the access code by email).

Here is the list of games and musical activities to which you will have access:


Game "Rhythm Battle 1"

Rhythm battle 2 game

Note reading cards

Game of the 4 families

Rhythmic walk game

Memory Dominoes 1

Memory Dominoes 2

Rhythmic Dominoes

Toddler Sound Level Meter



Instrument bingo game 1

Instrument bingo game 2

Body pulsations

Body Counting

Rhythmic rhymes

Rhymes and finger games

Rhymes to sing 

Collective improvisations

game "Imitation Cards"

Game "the sound mill"

Game "Words in Time"

Little stories to play with onomatopoeias

Game "l'onoma'top"

Cycle of fifths

Toddler Sound Level Meter

Key drawing (G and F)

Game "l'attrappe-do"

Rhythm loops

Game "the right key"

Game "I like it, I don't like it"

Music feeling

Instrument families (video)

Noise or music (video)

dance recognition game

Game "what is your style"?

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