You want to sell your instrument, your scores, your first methods, your CDs, your books etc? 

Sell your physical or dematerialized music products here, and earn additional revenue.

To do this, go to the "login" tab at the top right of the site, and create your account.

Go to this one and create your "seller" account. You can start selling.

Please note that delivery costs are at the seller's expense.

Commission and payment:

Selling commission: 93%.  Hosting company: 7%.

Payment on the 25th of each month via PayPal 

To register and add a product: 

1/ REGISTRATION: Go to "login" then "create account" and finally "create a seller profile".


>. Go to the seller's account

Add product > Add product

> Information: Complete

> Price: Indicate the price

>Association: Click on the black folder of "Specialized Music Store" to drop down the menu

> For the "Music library or musical instruments" categories, click on the black folder to scroll down the menu

> Check the "category" box(es) corresponding to your product, as well as the boxes of all your sub-categories (Regularly click on the black folders to check that they are not running

> Choose your "default category", i.e. where you want your product to appear

> If necessary, select or add a new manufacturer/brand

Confirm > Confirm